Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ten Things About Me...

Victoria, who authors the blog, Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing, nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award. She said some really nice things about me and even though I no longer believe in passing on blogger awards, I thought I would share ten things about me anyway...

So here goes:

1.  I am AFRAID of snakes...deathly afraid!  When I was a small girl we use to go to my grandparent's farm in South Carolina and there were always snakes.  My grandmother would pull on her rubber boots, grab her hoe and stride out into the yard and chop the snakes head off...can we say nightmares...which leads me to item #2.

2.  I use to sleepwalk until I got to college.  I would sleepwalk after every snake killing incident and once in high school my Dad caught me trying to walk out of the house whilst sleeping.

3.  My mom paid me to read the dictionary when I was around 10/11 years old.  I read the thing from beginning to end and earned $100.  She also offered me money to read the encyclopedia from A to Z but I only made it to the C volume.  I think one of the reasons that I spell so well is that early foundation from reading the dictionary.

4.  I don't have a favorite color.  I'm attracted to bright, strong jewel toned colors but I don't have a favorite.

5.  I can't jump double dutch...never could.  Just couldn't get the hang of jumping in between the ropes.

6.  I LOVE television and can sing the theme song to almost any show that was on television while I was a child.  I don't understand people who think television is evil or a time waste.  Do you know the things you can learn while watching TV?  What experiences you can share?  How much fun it is to laugh at something totally stupid?  Yeah, I love TV and now is my time of the year - new episodes!  I'm happy as a pig in slop!  *LOL*

7.  I'm a indoors kinda girl.  Seriously, I like warm weather ONLY because the days are longer and the sun shines more...but I don't necessarily want to be out in it.  Give me some air conditioning and my a-p-t anyday!  And don't get me started on the cold and the snow...hate, hate, hate the snow!

8.  I have three daughters but I always wanted 4!  What is wrong with me?  Raising those three dayum near killed me!  *LOL*

9.  I look like my mother...which encourages me because my Mom looks fabulous and she's 71!

10.  I bought fabric today...yeap...8 yards of double knit from Kashi at Metro Textiles.  See I can't even keep a fabric pledge for more than a week!  *LOL*

Please feel free to share ten things about yourself on your blog...I won't call out any names...but I sure would love to know 10 things about you that you haven't shared before.  Just link back here so that I will know that you did it, okay?


On the sewing front...I will finish the Simplicity Jacket this weekend along with either my TNT dress or the B5147 dress in the embroidered tropical weight plaid. 

Some of the double knit that I just purchased will be used to make a Maia Jacket as part of the Memorial Sew that is being discussed on Stitchers Guild.  I'm using a strong royal navy blue...something that passes the bright test but will actually be work appropriate.  Now that I've bought fabric (and no I didn't have anything in my collection to use!) I'm thinking through how to make this jacket fit so I'm sure there will be lots more about this later.

One of the things I love about commuting especially when the weather is nice is seeing what other women are wearing.  The other day I saw this woman wearing a glen plaid dress with black topstitching that looked exactly like the dress in the Simplicity 2958 pattern.  And I realized that I've only thought about that dress as a spring/summer garment when it will make an excellent fall dress.  During the great fabric changeover, I found (don't laugh) a glen plaid with a yellow plaid in it that would work great for this pattern, so I think that will be my next garment when these are finished.

Well that's it for tonight...more later!


  1. I am with you about snakes - yuk! Can't wait to see what you create with your new fabric. Off to check out that Simplicity pattern.

  2. We have a lot in common, (#1, 6,7,9 & 10). I like your #3. I might have to use that. But #5...It can't be true!! I am re-thinking your status as my ultimate sewing role model!(just kidding of course!)

  3. 1 and 3 hit home for me. I had a grandma like yours :). I'm so-o-o terrified of snakes that I can't look at pix of them!

    I didn't do the dictionary, but the encyclopedia. From A to Z, and even had the nerve to outline it! My parents still have my notebooks from that one. It was my goal to be the smartest woman in the world. The things we do as kids!

  4. I am excited about you doing th Maia jacket. I have this pattern and I am intimidated by it. I might sew along with you!

  5. OMG, I'm a former sleepwalker too! But, snakes don't bother me, they make nice shoes. :-)

    I can't wait to see your Maia jacket, the fabric sounds fab!

  6. I feel the same way you feel about snakes but about rats. Ewwww!

    I did this 10 Things list over on my blog too. It was kind of nice to get it all out there!

  7. I can't jump double-dutch, either. I was always the tallest kid in class in elementary school (I'm 5'7", which is not that tall, but I've been that height since I was 12), and the younger kids always hit me in the head with the ropes, which were the heavy kind with the plastic tube beads on them, which HURT.

    I don't mind TV. I just don't watch stuff that I think is lame.

  8. What!? You bought MORE fabric!!!!!??!!!Oh Carolyn...

    When I was about 6 we moved to a new house and my Dad took the hoe just as you described here and chopped up a snake in our back yard then took it out to the canyon to get rid of it...eeeeeek!!! Creeps me out to this day! But I really have more of a fear of skunks then snakes (smile -- anyone with a dog will know why).

    I don't have any La Fred's but I love this idea of a memorial sew. I'll need to make a selection. That was so sad to hear that news, she was so young!

  9. I was smiling reading this. You are a fun person!

  10. My grandfather offered me money to memorize the list of US presidents once, but I never could make it much past Lincoln, my favorite. Challenges are always good!

  11. Thanks for accepting your well-deserved award and sharing some interesting things about yourself:) I've heard from my Mom how traumatic those snake killings could be LOL! I think she was terrified of them afterwards too! LOL! Can't wait to see your jacket....

  12. Cracking up at #8! That is tooo funny!

  13. I hate snakes too. My co-workers loved to tease me at my last job when I had to take photos when they had the snake guy come in for a children's program because they knew how much it creeped me out to see those snakes draped around those kids. What did it for me was the neighbors telling us to watch out for water snakes when use northerners experienced our first flash flood while living in Texas near the gulf of Mexico ... I was terrified to walk through that water to get to our home.

  14. I never learned how to double-dutch either. Thankfully, my elementary school friends never held it against me. ;)


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