Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never let your children touch your computer!

Aaaahhhhhh!  I've been without a computer for over a week now...and it's just been repaired!  Thank goodness for Geek Squad!  Usually when something is wrong with my home computer (desktop) since I've given away my netbook (redundancy with an iPad) and my other laptop (my mom needed one), I have the IT Guy from work remote in and fix it.

Well this time there was no remoting wouldn't even let me get to the Geek Squad it was!  One hour and a couple of clicks later and I'm back in business...worth every penny especially since I was beginning to think that I would need a new computer...and this one is not even 2 years old yet!

I've been sewing a little...another Simplicity 2958 jacket is almost done so I will have pictures to share...and I've been thinking about sewing so I have much to talk about but in another post...

Just wanted to let you know why there hasn't been any posting lately...and to tell you that grown children with their own laptops should not be touching your computer...even if yours does have a great sound system attached to it and a 23" monitor...y'know what I mean!  *LOL* always more later!


  1. I figured there was a good reason you were MIA! Welcome back!

  2. Amen! Amen! Amen!
    Seems every time that one of our kids comes to see us.... it's hey you guys did you know that you can do this and your computer will work better now that I've..... and then it hardly works at all! Yep, I almost left a comment yesterday asking if you were alright? Glad all is well... oh, and good for you on all the nice complements! Just goes to show all your hard work pays off!

  3. welcome back! I totally understand about the computers and other people using them. My DS has a Mac, but sometimes he needs to use Word or Excel on mine. Somehow, when he's done, it's just not the same, not broke, just *different*.


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