Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Comparision...

Earlier this week I received an email from Simplicity Patterns that they were putting all of their plus size patterns on sale for $5.99 (the sale ends today btw) so I surfed right over to take a look.  Can I honestly tell you that I was struck by how dowdy everything looks...seriously!  And I'm a huge fan of Simplicity's collection of plus size patterns, to me they have been at the forefront of translating fashionable looks into the plus size range for years...

But I don't know what happened?  Is it that Butterick came out strong with their latest additions?  Or is it the fact that even Vogue upped the number of designer styles they translated into the larger sizes...granted they go no higher than a 24 but at least they are making an effort.

Then there are all of the RTW sites that are providing some amazing inspiration for us plus size sewists...I'm personally enamoured of these sites:

I think these retail outlets, as well as Butterick & Vogue pattern collections have truly attempted to bring the hottest trends of summer to the plus size woman. 

Bright colors...Florals...Neutrals...the safari look...a great feminine and sexy what happened to Simplicity?  It's not that there aren't some great looks here but we've seen them now for quite a few pattern cycles.

I want some of this:

Vogue 8726

...and this:

Butterick 5618

but there's nuthin' that I want from the Simplicity is it just me?  Or does Simplicity need to step up their game...

...more later!


  1. I don't understand the direction in which simplicity is going with the designs. There is NOTHING I like from their lastest collection. This is two collections in a row that I yawned at. Maybe they will redeem themselves... one day.

  2. You know I have to agree. I am going to pick up some Simplicity patterns today at Jo-Ann's but they are all going to be costume patterns and mens patterns from past seasons.

  3. Wow, those are some really great looks out on the market. Glad Vogue & Butterick are starting to get their act together!

  4. Hurrah! I stumbled across your blog sometime during spring last year and being the nerdy geek girl that I am, I *had* to go back and start at the begining. And now I've finally caught up.... right up to date.
    Carolyn, you are an inspiration - not only to plus-sized women, but to sewists everywhere. I really admire your determination - and no small amount of skill - to take what you see and make it work for you.
    As for Simplicity, I have to agree that they have been seriously lacking in the style stakes lately - for women of all sizes! Kate xx

  5. Thanks for the comment on my dress and jacket. The outfit is so YOU so it doesn't surprise me that you like it!

  6. BTW, Butterick & Vogue are having a sale that ends today - all Butterick patterns $1.88 and all vogue are $3.88 - wanted to pass along the info...

  7. You're right - Simplicity has upped their game in the hip and young department (Suede and Lisette patterns, and I think they're cute), but not necessarily included the larger sizes in those patterns or even dedicated patterns to the larger women. That's a market segment they're missing out on!

  8. I don't remember when I made a simplicity pattern. I keep telling you that you need to get over the tracing bit and sew some of those Burda plus sizes! No one else has the tailoring or the drafting in larger sizes than Burda. Knipmode has great plus sizes and they come a bit larger than Burda does as well.

  9. I'm with you on this...when going through my latest Talbots catalog, I was figuring out which patterns
    (none of which are simplicity) I could use to make the really cute clothes they've come out with for spring....gonna have to do some snoop shopping too.

  10. I don't care for Simplicity's selection....when there are so many others to choose from I'm not terribly worried that I won't be able to find something nice to make. Carolyn, I envy you - such skill and dedication! Thank you for sharing with us all....

  11. I'm with you on simplicity. They are always the last line I go to looking for new patterns.


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