Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reference Points

Many times I've been asked questions that I've blogged about but the person either just started reading my blog, or has only been reading it for a short time so they are unaware that their question has already been answered.  Generally I answer these questions by sending a link to the blog post and after getting another request, I decided maybe there should be one blog post that lists all of the answers...

So here goes:

All of my TNT patterns are discussed and linked to in this post, "12 on a Desert Island".  I wrote this post back in April 2008 and all of these patterns are still in heavy rotation in my sewing.

Next - I wrote a post on the evolution of my tank top which is from the Sewing Workshop Mission Tank.  I've made over a dozen tank tops from this pattern and quite a few of them are still hardworking pieces in my wardrobe.

I wrote entire series on my TNT Dress Pattern and it's evolution.  They are here:

Part I - My TNT Dress Pattern
Part II - Tried 'n True Pattern - Part II
Part III - TNT Dress Pattern - Part III

Another post on my TNT Dress Pattern is, "My Favorite Pattern"  I guess I've written about it so much because I've used it so often to get the dresses I desire...especially since so many of the details I long for in a plus size dress just aren't available in most patterns.

Finally, one last link about TNT patterns, called "Would you please TNT with me?"  As several of you have stated...yes, I guess I could have written the article in this month's Threads called, "One Dress, Four Ways" by Shirley Botsford...because that article truly represents my sewing theory.  Take a pattern, figure out the fitting challenges for your body and then proceed to work the heck out of it.  Cut it up, add a piece, take a piece away, add some details not included in the pattern envelope, use different fabrications, but mostly just play with it to your heart's content.  Along the way you may have a wadder or two (and I've had them, big time!) but there will also be some amazing highs as you make your own version of "The Versace Dress!"

Now I don't really think of myself as a fit expert.  There are far superior teachers of fit that blog about it.   However, I do have one post that is used over and over again because we plus size sisters can have some challenges with sleeves and bicep issues.  It's the "Sleeve Bicep Alterations" post and it details with pics how I alter my sleeve patterns to get well-fitted sleeves for my bodacious biceps.

One final comment on fit and pattern alterations...the pattern alterations that I make to my garments are highlighted with pictures in almost all of my blog posts.  However, these are my alterations and in no way should they be thought of as the one and only way to make them.  In actuality, I highly recommend that you purchase a good fitting book like, "Fit for Real People" by Palmer & Pletsch and use that as your fit and pattern alteration bible...because I refer to it time and time again myself.

One of the most popular posts on my blog is, "Prepping Wool Crepe."  This blog post details what I do to prepare wool crepe before using it in a garment.  And there is one other popular fabric blog post, "Sewing with Linen".  As for sewing books, I've listed my Top 10 in the sidebar of my blog, if you are interested that is.

Lastly...if you ever need to figure out if I've posted about something or if I have and you can't remember it, please feel free to use the search box on the top line of this blog.  Type in a few words and every blog post that I've written using those words will come up.  I've been writing at least 2 blog posts a week for the last 6 years...so there is alot of information contained here, as well as, alot of fabric p*rn and opinion!  *LOL*

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to anyone looking for info.  BTW, all pictures relating to my garments and their construction can be found in my Flickr Albums.


Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on the last post and the reveal post regarding the Versace Dress.  I'm so thrilled that this dress and jacket worked and so encouraged by the support, reassurance and appreciation that you've all shown.  It is wonderful when you are supported by fellow sewists who understand what you are trying to do and how much your garments mean to you creatively.

...as always, more later!


  1. Wondering what you think of the new Sewing Power Tools vols. 1 & 2. Have you had a chance to look at them?

  2. Thanks for that post, Carolyn. I followed the links, and then just wandered happily through your archive. I was very interested in your article on pretreating linen. I love, love, love linen, and I don't object to the wrinkles. I never line or underline, because I live in the tropics and I want linen next to my skin.

  3. This page is getting bookmarked. Thanks so much for the effort you put into it.

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  5. Thanks, Carolyn. This post is super helpful. Also thanks for the time you put into writing it.


  6. What a lovely post. I think the one thing I would add to your list (and we know, I'm no expert at all) pick one fitting expert and go with them. I say this because I have 4 different fitting books, at this point I use them all for different things, but when I was first trying to figure something out - I would dig through them all. They all had the answer, but differently. I would then spend hours trying to figute out which way was the best. g

  7. Thanks for this recap. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, but like having this one post as a go-to reference.

  8. So, I don't know how I missed your Versace dress reveal below, but wanted to let you know (as I'm sure you already do) that it's just fabulous. How many times have you worn it already?? I must say, though, I'm a bit sad that you didn't use a different colored trim, because you had really turned me on to the idea of it! You'll just have to make another again soon, haha. Wouldn't it be fabulous in 2 shades of turquoise linen... or red and camel?... oh, the possibilities.

  9. I reread your post on prepping wool crepe each time I go to sew with wool - it's very helpful!

  10. Thanks for the links to your old posts.

  11. I have only been following your blog for a little while, but I truly enjoy it (and your humor). Thanks for these links. You can bet I'll bookmark them for the future.


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