Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little follow-up...

Boy did the Question of the Day generate some interesting answers...and I will get to them...but first I want to address a blogger issue.  I am aware of the fact that Blogger is doing something with their Open ID process and that it's affected the ability of some people to log in and leave comments.  I've even received some requests to go back to the open commenting which allows anonymous commenters to leave comments.

At the time I changed my blog settings (because once upon a time you could leave an anonymous comment here) it was because the harassment had become more than I could stand.  As I've stated time and again, I blog because it is a release from my very stressful day job.  This is part of my creative outlet so I've drawn a line in the sand here on how much b*llsh*t I'm willing to deal with...and yes, I'm aware that this is a very strong statement. 

But after the crap I had to deal with last year, I will not go there again.  As nice, informative and encouraging as the internet sewing community can be, there are trolls out there that get great pleasure in causing drama.  I'm a drama free kinda woman. I won't put up with it at work or in my personal life so I'm sure as h*ll not standing for it here.  So in the most adamant way that I can say it, I'm not turning on anonymous comments ever again.

I'm truly sorry that Blogger is making it hard to leave a comment but since I have no control over that, all I can do is once again say that I wish you could leave a comment but the anonymous setting will never be turned back on...NEXT!

First ~ thanks to everyone who left a comment.  They were all appreciated especially the ones espousing support for my blog.  Cause truth be told who doesn't like a compliment or two! *smile* I truly am humbled by the fact that quite a few of you stated that I've inspired you to continue sewing or to try different techniques...that just makes my heart sing because more than anything I want to encourage everyone to continue to grow in our artform!  

Next - if you author a product only blog, please realize that I am not belittling your choice.  The thing about a blog is that it's your own space and you get to occupy it anyway you want.  So please know that I respect your choice, it's just not my choice.

I think the most concise answer to the question goes to Faye, who simply wrote "Yea" ~ Faye you made me smile!

LauraSJ wrote:
"I wonder if some bloggers are getting tired of all the work involved with sharing the process because it must take an amazing amount of time to share the "how".
Thanks for sharing that viewpoint...because that hadn't occurred to me.

Linda wrote:
"Also I find myself shuttering when I see unpressed seams on sewn garments...but it sets my eye to twitchin' Oh yes and machine sewn hems on skirts with materials that should be hand sewn...I want to scream into a pillow for that one.  No negative comments ever though...
I appreciate your honesty and love your no negative comments stance...

Janice wrote about participating in Sew Weekly challenges:
I didn't know that if you participated in Sew Weekly challenges that you can't write about the construction process when you post your garment.  That's an  interesting thing to know.  Thanks for sharing it!

There was a question or two...

M&M asked how I had energy to sew after work...
I primarily sew on the weekends...when I'm well-rested and have left work in the dust! *LOL*

RomonaSewingJourney asked,"can you tell me your pattern you use for your twin sets?"
That would be out-of-print Burda 8869.  Here's a link to my flickr album so you can see all of the versions I've made of it.

Jeannettec wrote ~ "I think its time for you to do a sew along."
Ummmm yeah okay!  *LOL*  I've thought about it but I just don't know if I have the time to devote to one...

Finally since no post should be this long without a picture (especially since this did push a few buttons in the comments!) I present to you a hanging shot of the front of the Whitney Dress with the seaming topstitched:

It's looking like I'm going to be working on this during the 3-day weekend and   only one of the two dresses I originally planned on making will "hopefully" be finished. always, more later!


  1. Carolyn thank you for all that you share - your posts always interest me so much and they make me smile, plus they usually make me go and investigate a new pattern or tip/technique you've mentioned. And, they are one of the first links I click to read in my Google reader account everyday. Keep up the good work :)!

  2. Gee...just for's 6am or so, and finding it not to difficult to leave a comment here!! :)
    Glad you're so forth-right and honest in this post!!
    Good for you!
    Love all of the inspiration you've given me! Though I'm not on your level.....I have made in the past 2 months 2 skirts and a pair of pj bottoms as time in my life has allowed, all due to your inspiration!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!
    Appreciate you!

  3. As always... your such a wealth of information. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, talents, and time with us! Time that I'm sure could be used to spend more time sewing! So thanks again... also for the Q & A session!

  4. I missed yesterday's discussion. But I'm pretty much happy with ANY type of blog, so I wouldn't have added much anyway.

    Love the new dress as it's on the hanger -- I can't wait to see it on you. How did you get the topstitching to POP so much? What thread did you use?

  5. Can't wait to see the finished Whitney dress, love all the top stitching.

  6. I was away and missed your first post. I really, really like blogs that show the process. I learn a lot from them. I don't feel like I sew well enough, or understand enough to be one of the those bloggers. Not yet anyway, in years to come maybe?
    I do get something out of the product blogs though. Sometimes somebody sews something that is inspiring. Maybe they chose a pattern I hadn't noticed or their embellishments are lovely, or they use an offbeat fabric that works.
    I am sorry to hear that you suffered so much harassment. I feel bad to think we were all enjoying your posts when you were batting away trolls, and we never knew to offer a word of support.
    I am glad that you have pressed on. I would very much miss your blog, if you ever decided to quit.
    The crisscross topstitching looks great. It reminds me of a Butterick dress, I made a few months back. Which has turned out to be very flattering, I think, due to the crisscross topstitching. Looking forward to seeing your finished dress.

  7. Beautiful detail on that dress! I love the top stitching.

  8. Carolyn, You are a gem. Thanks for continuing to blog and inspire us. The Whitney Houston dress looks great.

  9. Oh, I meant you can't post construction details until after your post has been on the Sew Weekly page. However I tend to post construction details as I'm actually constructing the garment, not after (for me that's for taking pictures with the garment finished.)

    And totally keep your blog drama free! Your users can always sign up for new gmail accounts/etc that they use for commenting. :)

  10. I love how you name your garments. Will blogger not allow real swear words or are the ***s your pull back?

  11. Thanks for the followup, Carolyn. Can't wait to see the finished Whitney dress on.

  12. I love following your blog because you are always so upbeat. (smile). Didn't have chance yesterday to answer your question, but I don't always post pictures to very simple things I make. But when I feel it's a technique I havn't covered before or I feel it will be interesting, then I'll show completed pictures of my progress. Hope this helps!

  13. I'm lovin' the Whitney dress. I am a new follower. Just found your wonderful site! I haven't sewn in years, but I think I just might dust off my sewing machine and try something. (I used to make all my clothes). Thanks so much for all you share with us.

  14. Gotta love the Whitney dress. What an inspiration! The top stitching is perfect. I admit, even though I've been sewing for years and years that topstitching gives me fits!

  15. You are going to have to make this again! I love the topstitching for your Whitney dress and think you should have another version as a shirt to go under all your fabulous cardis!

  16. I am shocked and saddened that you get sh*t and abuse on your blog. It is sad that some idiots have ruined it for others who for whatever reason want to comment anonymously. Having said that, it is your blog and you can control the comments for any reason at all. I think every valid blog fan can understand your reasons.

    Love the topstitching on the new dress! Looking forward to seeing it on you.

  17. Ms.Carolyn, because of your post I some more and try different things. I love all your tips, have made 2 TNT"s dress and a skirt and sew more than ever. Thank you for all your sewing knowledge....

  18. I like the Whitney dress very much. I love reading your blog because I take inspiration from you every time. Plus, I just enjoy hearing your views on things. I can almost hear you in my head ...

  19. Thank you for sharing. I love everything that you do. Just viewed Flickr album and I want everything you have made!! Really love your blog. Well done.

  20. I missed yesterday, too. And add my disgust that anyone(!) would leave you nasty comments.

    I love your blog. You have a nice chatty way of showing us how you think. Sometimes, it's the figuring out what to do, what to make, how to put it all together that is the most frustrating and most enjoyable part of sewing. Technique is good, too, but I especially enjoy watching you go from inspiration to completion. Love your smile!

  21. Carolyn, I too am a plus size fashion nut, and guess what - to get the fashion clothes I want I need to sew. I love your blog and the detailed explanations I am also aware it is a great deal of work for you to run this blog. Selfishly I really hope you carry on with the detailed stuff, but if you don't I will still read for the inspiration.

    Thanks and I am really looking forward to the McQueen dress!

  22. Your question of the day was food for thought. I totally enjoy your indepth construction details and it has & continue to help me tremendously over the years..., keep them coming. Loving the topstitching details of that dress.

  23. Chiming in late, but please add me to the yeas!! I love peeking inside another sewist's process. But I wonder if part of the reason for the finished product post is the number of comments they attract. I get many more comments (and compliments) when I post something finished than when I post a WIP.


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