Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lulu's Home!

When I moved I didn't know if I had room for Lulu so she took up residence with my daughter for a couple of months.  But when I made this last twinset, I knew Lulu had to come and live with me...

Now don't these pieces look so much better with Lulu wearing them?  First the cowlneck sleeveless top...

...and now the two pieces together...

I have some white t-shirt knit (somewhere *sigh*) that I want to pull out and use for another cowlneck top, as well as, the white top from Simplicity 2566.  So the wardrobe will end up being 8 pieces instead of 7 and I'm fine with that.  I think having two white tops will give it more versatility.

After these last two tops are completed, my daughter has agreed to come by and photograph the entire wardrobe, so I will have some decent pictures.  We will also work with my tripod so that I can get acclimated to using it.

Regarding the tripod, thanks to everyone for the tips on how to make the tripod work.  Schoomom, the tip about the tape is ingenious, and I will be using it.  And I need to say a special thank you to SueC56, it was her initial encouragement that started me on the road to purchasing a tripod ~ so thank you!  Finally BetsyV, as you can see Lulu is an amputee...she's hard working but she is legless!

There were a few questions on the last couple of posts:

bpatricia74 asked, "I'm actually looking for a clothes rack for my sewing room. Do you have any suggestions?"
Sorry but I don't have a clothes rack in my sewing room so I have no suggestions.

Farhana asked, "How many hours do your really spend per item or outfit?"
I don't time myself.  I kinda head downstairs to the sewing cave and sew in spurts.  Sometimes I sew for hours at a time and sometimes I kinda piddle along. Timing myself would definitely take the joy out of it.  If I get the item completed by the end of the weekend, I'm happy.

Stash Empress - I bought the book for $72.  It was over $94 when I put on my wishlist, so I was thrilled when I flipped into Amazon and saw it for $22 less.

Kuby asked, "If I always use Bemberg?"
Yes, unless I'm using a cotton or silk batiste.  I love how Bemberg feels and wears in my clothing.

A Sewn Wardrobe asked, "What fabric I was going to use for my second Rachel Dress?"
It's a black 'n white herringbone with black lace appliques that I bought from the craft store that masquerades as a fabric store several years ago.

Oh and I have a horrid confession to make...I haven't seen Project Runway in years or any of the Project Runway All-Stars episodes.  I know, horrid, right!  *LOL* always, more later!



  1. Learning how to sew is very easy. The only difficulty in learning this skill is learning how to draft a pattern as well as taking body measurements. After learning how to draft a pattern, learning how to sew is very easy.

  2. LuLu makes a good model. The clothes look even better in 3D.

  3. so impressed with your sewing.Beautiful garments. Know your proud LuLu is home.. Dont you just love the fact that LuLu NEVER complains about taking photos.ha. She never has a bad hair day.yea..

  4. Very pretty twinset, Lulu is a great model.

  5. It's not horrid regarding Project Runway. It's understandable! I'm barely sticking with it now. It's just not as good as it used to be.

  6. OMG I'm blushing here-I got a mention on Diary of a Sewing Fanatic! LOL! You have no idea how excited I am about that! I'm so glad you can use my suggestion and I do hope it makes it easier for you.

  7. I'm glad that you have Lulu back, the twinset is beautiful I love the color. I would miss Gertrude if I had to leave her behind.

  8. Welcome back, Lulu! She wears the twinset well (but I bet it looks even better on Carolyn). I am watching Project Runway All-Stars. It's okay--certainly better than last season--but I think it's time to give the show a long rest. On the other hand, I can hardly wait for the return of Mad Men!

  9. Welcome home, Lulu! Carolyn, you have a wonderful wardrobe almost complete. (I've been watching, just quite and hurried recently.)

  10. Great set! Sewing sweaters is a little intimidating because they can look homemade-y, the pieces not being woven in the right shape. But these do not look homemade at all!

  11. The clothes look great on LuLu but I think they will look 1000X better on you attached to your pretty face! Thanks for answering my question about the bemberg.

  12. Carolyn, I know full well you have posted this before, but I can't find it: What do you use to line your knits? Do you use regular Bemberg? I have found some stretch linings, and I think I'll use those. What about for fleece? I want it to go onto my body more easily, so I want to line it--would I also use the stretch Bemberg for that as well? Thanks so much! I admire you so much!

    Gail D.

  13. Carolyn, what do you use to line your knits? I was thinking stretch Bemberg or another stretch rayon and/or acetate lining. I want my garments to slide on easily over other fabrics. Would you also use it for lining fleece, for the same reason? Thanks. I admire you and your work so much!

    Gail D.

  14. Glad lulu is home and love the twin set.

  15. Thanks for the mention!

    I enjoy the occasional blog where you are answering questions you have received.

    I'm glad LuLu got to come home. A dress form is definitely on my list one of these days.


  16. I desperately need a Lulu. Off to ask DH if he'll duct tape me a twin!


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