Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Image Patterns and a few other things

About two weeks ago I received an email from the marketing department of My Image Pattern Magazine.  They offered me the fall/winter and the spring/summer editions of their magazine, if I would do a review.  As you know I'm very selective about what products I will endorse but there has been a lot of positive buzz in the sewing world about the My Image pattern magazines so I thought for the cost of postage what could it hurt.

A few things about My Image ~
1.  They are published out of Europe and is a sewing/pattern magazine similar to Burda.
2.  The instructions are in 4 languages - English, Nederlands, German and French
3.  The patterns go up to a size 48...or a size 18US
4.  Which means there are no plus sizes because Burda says a 50 is a 20/22 and a 52 is a size 24.  (although Burda lists plus sizes as 44-52)
5.  The pattern sheets are included in the center of the magazine (just like Burda) but since they only do 16 patterns per magazine, the sheets look simple to trace.

So what's a plus size chick like me going to do with these patterns...why use them with my TNT patterns to get the garments I want!  I mean this will be an adventure and I really liked this dress...

Dress M1157

(I like the center panel!) why not take the journey to experience something new!  You can get more information on these patterns, here.  And there are a couple of reviews of garments on PatternReview.

I know I should work on that this weekend but "The Whitney Dress" is calling my name.  That is what I will be working on during the funeral later today...I can mourn my girl in the comfort of my sewing cave doing what I do best.


This week was Fashion Week in NYC and since they are showing Fall 2012, I was kinda paying attention.  I haven't scoped out all of the details of my favorite designers shows but I have seen quite a few pieces from various lines because I've become addicted to the blog, Red Carpet Fashion Awards.  I'm sure quite a few of you already know about this blog but I stumbled onto it by following a link from a NYTimes article.  Did I say I was addicted?  Seriously totally and completely addicted...

There was a link to where I found an amazing Alexander McQueen dress that I could "interpret" for work...

I really want to make it from my TNT dress pattern using a black wool crepe (which is conveniently out and easy to get to!)  I think I'm exhibiting a classic case of sewing ADD because this is NOT on my sewing list for this weekend, but I've just got to have it!  Of course, I'm going to make a few changes...I want a shawl collar instead of a notched collar...and seriously darts at the waistline...that just aren't happening! *LOL*  The description states that it has padded shoulders...I may or may not do that.  It will depend on my mood at the time!


It's a three day weekend here in the US (President's Day Weekend) and besides a trip to the supermarket later this morning, I have no plans except to sew, sew and sew some more.  Hopefully, I will have a couple of new dresses to wear to work next week...especially since the weather continues to be mild...thank goodness! always, more later!


  1. Lucky you to have a three day weekend just to sew, sew , sew! Not familiar with the blog you mentioned in your post and I will check it out. Enjoy the sewing time, look forward to seeing the results.

    I purchased a MyImage mag for the last season and yet to make something.

  2. I've heard of that magazine, but have yet to fully check it out. I like the inset detail of that dress and look forward to your version. The shawl collar dress is nice, but wary of the shawl factor. I made a dress a few years back with a shawl collar and it drove me nuts, the collar kept rolling to the inside of the neckline. I remedied the problem by tacking down portion of the collar edge which helped, wore it one more time, but fell out of love with it and finally gave it away.

  3. Great blog link, thanks for sharing! I'm always up for looking to copy a red-carpet look!

  4. *wish* that i had monday off as well. :(

    i really like the lines of that McQueen dress, though. go for it!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend in the cave.
    PS. the capatcha is getting so difficult to read, did you change it?

  6. You are lucky to have a 3-day weekend to sew. :) President's Day is not a day off for me.

    I have been following the MyImage magazine since it first came out but have yet to buy one. I will be interested to read your review.

  7. Yes, you definitely need that Alexander McQueen dress, mostly because *I* want it, but must sew aprons and caps for 13 orphans (cast in Annie). I can enjoy the dress vicariously through you. It will be a public service if you make it!

  8. I can see why your addicted the Red Carpet Fashion Awards blog, beautiful clothes on beautiful women.
    Both those dresses will look fab on you, can't wait to see them in action. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Love the Alexander McQueen dress! That has Carolyn written all over it! I can't wait t see it.

  10. The Alexander McQueen dress has your name written all over it! I look forward to seeing it. I have a couple of issues of "My Image" but haven't made anything yet. Maybe, you'll inspire me! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. I will be interesting to see that dress as you interpret it.

    I saw Kevin Costner's speech and found it to be quite touching. You could tell he was moved.

  12. I will keep a look out for your review. I love reading Burda and Ottobre magazines - even though I'm terribly unskilled at tracing out patterns when they're printed all over each other like that. But both magazines have lots to inspire me, and Burda (in the French edition at any rate) usually has good tutorials. It would be great to find another magazine like these two to enjoy. Hope you have fun on your adventure!

  13. You go on girl! We sewists have to know what to do to kick our talent, skills and most of all MOTIVATION up to the next level. A new inspiration source such as My Image Pattern Magazine sounds like a good tool. I know I need to constantly re-load my arsenal.

  14. I've had a look at MyImage magazine, and found the English translation of the instructions seriously deficient - unlikely a beginner could understand them.

    But you won't need them anyway :D

  15. Thanks so much for the links on the fashion sites. I really like the Alexander Mcqueen dress. I have looked at the My Image magazine but i have so many Burda magazines so I need to keep a pattern magazine minimum. Have you seeb Style Arc? they have great pattern designs as well.


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