Thursday, February 09, 2012

Shoes and Jewelry

There were a couple of comments about my shoes from the "May I Present" blog I thought I would discuss a few of my other obsessions, y'know besides fabric!

First I L-O-V-E shoes.  And I buy shoes from everywhere...if I like them, I buy them...from department stores, to online sources and a few favorite vendors that I always use because they always work for me.

The pair that generated the most interest were these:

I got these from Jessica London online.  The tips are gray and the body is tan. It has a 3" heel with a 1/2" platform.  These were purchased especially to go with the Lavender and Gray Skies wardrobe.

The other pair featured in the pictures was purchased from The Avenue last fall and are no longer available on their site.

Normally, though I don't shop for shoes online unless I've worn the brand before. My favorite brands are Bandolino, AK Anne Klein, Aerosoles, Nine West, and Sofft. I will admit that I have alot of shoes, not an Imelda Marcos amount but alot...*sigh*...I love shoes! MY latest obsession are these...

which I've purchased in two colors (blue 'n white & black 'n white)...yeah I know...but unlike someone I don't own a pattern for TNT shoes but I wish I did!  *LOL*

As for jewelry...I am mostly a pearl girl. I love pearls in all colors and shapes. Most of the pearl necklaces featured on my garments are Honora Pearls. I have a pretty extensive collection that my daughters have put their names on before I've even passed on! *LOL*  

reproduction from QVC

Other favorites are Judith Ripka sterling silver pieces, Joan Rivers pieces from QVC, vintage Sarah Coventry purchased from eBay, and Heidi Daus.

The necklace worn with the Lavender and Gray Skies collection was purchased from NY & Co.  I'd bought the black'n white and clear one (worn with The Rachel Dress) from them in the spring so when I was in the shop with my Mom during Christmas season and found the purple one, it had to come home with me too.

I'm trying to upgrade my jewelry so that it's something that can be left to my daughters and future granddaughters (btw, two are on the way and I'm more than excited!) and I get to wear it in the meantime!  *LOL*  I have a few pieces from my maternal grandmother that are treasured and my daughters each received a necklace so I would like to continue the tradition.

I like jewelry but not as much as fabric and shoes.  Almost as much though!  *LOL*  Anyway, hopefully this answered all the questions that were left about   the shoes and the necklaces. always, more later!



  1. I'm with you on the shoe tip. lol. I try to donate my shoes once they go past 100-150. Funny, I still only wear the same 10-15 favorites overall.

  2. Madame I congratulate you on your fabulous accessorizing! The shoes are really great. I love the grey pumps! What a wardrobe! Thank you for showing it all!

  3. Very thoughtful of you to buy good quality jewellery with your granddaughters in mind! LOL

    Love, love, love the taupe shoes with bows.

  4. I'm a shoe collector, too. I figure that all the money I save on sewing clothes can be spent on shoes!

  5. Great shoes and thanks for the resources. Congrats on the new grandbabies, how exciting.

  6. Congratulations on the new girlie grandchildren, what a wonderful way to start my day, by reading such good news!
    I loved the purple necklace, I'm so glad you posted where you got it!

  7. You have fabulous taste in all things, especially shoes and jewelry. However, I must admit that I share your exquisite taste! Luv the shoes, and I agree about the pearls . . . one can never have too many pearl necklaces! And pins!!

  8. Carolyn!

    I love your shoes! Very much so! We have the same taste!

    I do the same as you report (buy shoes all the time!) - I do have a problem with storage - I'd be interested to hear your tips!!!

  9. I love your big smile. Your blog makes me happy. The shoes on your blog make me happy :)

  10. Love your shoe and jewelry collection!

  11. Cute shoes!! I love shoes and jewelry too (in particular brooches).

  12. Yes me too I have a shoe and bag obsession too - you can't have too many shoes - yours look lovely as do the pearls

  13. Shoes and jewelry (and belts and bags) can make or break an outfit! An outfit that you've spent valuable time sewing... So, you have to have enough of a collection to have choices for all your outfits. (At least this is what I tell my husband when I come home with new shoes/purses/accessories. ha ha ha)

  14. I love your shoes and your jewelry. I do not like jewelry for me, but it looks lovely on others. Shoes though, are another matter.. I've never made a Burda.. I might try soon.

  15. I didn't comment on the last post about the shoes, but man I was loving those gray tips. And now, thanks to your link, they are on the way to me. I sure hope they (and the others that fell into the cart) fit cuz they are so pretty!

    Got any good (reasonably priced) leads for bags? lol

  16. Oh I share some of your passions too! I love fabric, shoes and pearls too!!!

    Congratulations on the new grandbaby on the way!!!


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