Monday, January 20, 2020

Updating My 2019 Goals in 2020

Let's review my 2019 Goals which I posted about on January 19, 2019 ~

1. Sew Purposefully

2. Sew at least 10 garments from deep stash.

3. Donate more fabric

4. Buy fabric purposefully

5. Use some new patterns

6. Continue to track fabric in/out and blog new fabric purchases

7. Search the fabric and notions collections first

8. Move/Reorg fabric

9. Don't fall for the Big4 Pattern Sales

10. Create an Art to Wear piece

I would say that I did well with some of these goals, some are still in progress and I'm not sure about one.  

o  I did try to sew purposefully. I had several lists that I worked from and scratched garments made off of them so my sewing definitely had direction last year.  GOAL COMPLETED.

o  I did give away/donate fabric last year. While I didn't donate to a school, I did give large amounts of fabric away to a couple of sewing friends. GOAL COMPLETED.

o  Nine garments were made from deep stash fabric last year

    - The Wool Jersey Pembroke
    - The Circle Border Print Shirt
    - Dover Jacket in Flocked Glen Plaid
    - Silk Twill Printed Shirt
    - Eyelet Cardigan - Simplicity 8059
    - Rayon Knit Pembroke
    - Black Evening Maxi - Deer 'n Doe Myosotis
    - 30 year old Holyoke Skirt
    - Marimekko Maxidress

That actually wasn't bad and I'm pretty proud that I used so much deep stash fabric though going forward I'd like this not to be a goal. I'd like to be sewing only fabric from the collection and not adding so much more. GOAL COMPLETED.

o  Eleven new patterns were used, four of which were Indie Patterns. I feel like I used more Indie Patterns this year than any other year. My favorites being the Deer 'n Doe Myosotis, Cashmerette Patterns (Pembroke & Holyoke) and Blue Dot Patterns. These patterns were used multiple times this year. GOAL COMPLETED.

o  Continue to track fabric in and out - I did this consistently, learning much about my lack of control with fabric buying. GOAL COMPLETED

o  Limit my fabric purchases - I failed miserably at this.
    My 2019 year end totals were:
    Yards In:   319.5 (way too much yardage in)
    Yards Out: 259.25 (not enough yardage out)
    Difference:  60.25 yds (I can feel all of these yards in the sewing cave)

My goal this year is to bring the yards in total way down. I NEED to! I have so many treasures in the sewing cave that are sitting patiently waiting their turn to be used.

o  When making shirts, I definitely checked my button and trim collections first. I only purchased notions when needed this year so I definitely fulfilled this and will be carrying it forward into 2020. GOAL COMPLETED.

o  I haven't bought a Big4 pattern since August 2019. I actually find myself wanting to sew some more of the indie paper patterns, work with my TNT patterns and use some of the hundreds of patterns that I've already acquired. I'm over the Big 4 with the constant cycles, the social media push to only sew the latest and greatest especially when older sewists have been supporting them for years. GOAL COMPLETED.

o  Create an Art to Wear Piece - while I don't think I did an actual Wearable Art piece I do think I'm on my way.  

This shirt is my jump off point and I want to use more interesting fabrics in my regular garments going forward.

o  Lastly I haven't reorganized the sewing cave yet.  But I'm working on it and it will happen before 2020 ends. I need storage space and a redo of the cave will give me that.


I wrote several political posts last year and I will be writing more in 2020 as the mood strikes.  However, today is the day we celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the US and even though I've written yearly posts about this celebration, I just can't this year.

I feel like America is so fractured right now.  That our politicians are failing not only the people of the United States but the Constitution which they're sworn to uphold. An impeached president sits in one of the highest branches of government and instead of realizing the seriousness of the situation, he continues to tweet, mock, and lie while almost taking the nation to the brink of war. I just don't feel like a quote is enough to reach those who believe differently than I do. 

However, this quote appeared in The Washington Post article "Black Americans are deeply pessimistic about the country under Trump..."

Francine Cartwright, a 44-year-old mother of three from Moorestown, N.J., said the ascent of Trump has altered the way she thinks about the white people in her life.

“If I’m in a room with white women, I know that 50 percent of them voted for Trump and they believe in his ideas,” said Cartwright, a university researcher. “I look at them and think, ‘How do you see me? What is my humanity to you?’ ”

This struck me because actually 53% of white women voted for 45. I didn't use to wonder about this but I think about this all the time too...even in sewing situations.  Sad right?  But that is what this administration has brought us to...

So no wonderful quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today. Just a plea to every American to vote. If you live in a state that disenfranchises black & brown people, make sure that your voter registration is correct and up-to-date.  Make sure that you have the proper documentation to vote. Realize that it might take you longer or you'll have to make more of an effort to vote than your white neighbor.  We're a year out.  Do it now.  Don't wait! Voting is our right!  Don't forsake it and don't willingly give it away! 

VOTE like your life depends on it because it just might! always more later!


  1. What wonderful goals. I love your stash and I love your ideas , I find you so inspiring. I'm not American , I live in Australia where our politicians are as depressing, maybe not as frightening as Trump but ineffectual and never dealing with the issues that are right in front of them. So far this summer we have had fires that have been unbelievable fierce and destructive, and yet men in power ( and it is mostly men) seem to do nothing but argue about climate change. I don't understand why they just don't do something. It saddens me when you talk of racism in America you would think the world has moved beyond this. We all need to be one and people are people. Your blog gives me happiness and inspiration, so I thank you and hopefully we will all move in a positive direction.

  2. You rocked the 2019 goals; it's been a pleasure to witness them unfold throughout the year. The Marimekko dress is one of my favorites; it's beautiful.

    "Black Americans are deeply pessimistic about the country under Trump..."

    As a Black woman, I've been pessimistic about this country long before 45. His presence is a reflection of ills that have plagued this country for decades.

    I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations. {{hug}}

  3. Carolyn, I appreciate the time you take to chronicle your sewing experiences. I appreciate your political comments very much. Although I am a white woman, I, too, sometimes look around and wonder how many of the people I encounter voted for Trump. He tapped into some very deep fears and exploited them. We've all learned, as many Black people have known all along, the depth of racism in this country. It's our responsibility to DO something about it! Speak up! Be supportive of all the people who are marginalized. Go to rallies and marches to let your views be known. We are living in very dangerous times. Thank you for giving us this safe place to air our views respectfully.

  4. Carolyn you rock. I really enjoy your blog and love many of your creations. They all inspire me. Thanks for your blog.
    Now on the state of our nation. I agree whole hearted that "45" should be impeached. His leadership is damaging our country in all aspects. I too wonder how many of people I am in contact with voted for 45. Many of my friends and family are Alaska Natives and/or Filipino and even some of those voted for 45. More than anything I know that I have to speak up and give accurate information about issues. Voting is important it is our right and duty to participate.

  5. Thank you for that post. I look forward to your MLK Day posts as they are always so moving. This year was no exception; it brought me to tears.
    I am 100 percent with you. This year voting matters more than ever before. It stuns me that so few Americans exercise this crucial right. Get out the vote!

  6. Exactly what L said, IMHO. Trump is a reflection of America. America has not "changed" or "become" something under this administration; this is what it IS. The very core.

    I have felt that way since the election. I am cautious in my interactions with unknown white people and yes, women moreso because there is an extra layer of danger when dealing with racist or bigoted or prejudiced white women.

    I keep receiving these absentee ballots and I have never in my life voted absentee or requested an absentee ballot. I find it quite interesting...

    You really rocked out on your goals for 2019!! When you get the urge, go fondle the stash!! Take some pics of a few of your absolute faves to "remember" when you're on the go :) I almost bought fabric and patterns this past weekend and was able to hold off by remembering the goal (and that I don't *need* those Big4 patterns because I have something similar, for sure, in my stash!).

    1. I will admit that I was one of those lulled into believing things had changed by the area I live in and the fact that people turned out in force to vote for Obama. I live and work in some of the bluest areas of the country. So the fact that he won the presidency and lost the vote of the three states surrounding him and even the one he use to claim residency in should speak loudly to the rest of the country. But the old norms have gone out the window and all of the uglies have been released from the closet or box that they were lingering in...and now we're here.

      Receiving those absentee ballots would make me nervous. I would check them out because you never know what games they be playing these days.

      Thanks for the suggestions but that would mean I could actually get to my faves! LOL! I'm sewing from the top of the fabric piles because it takes a lot to move them right now. *shakes head in shame*

    2. I think part of Trump's evil genius (and he is an evil genius) is to help to manifest the worst in society. Yes the US is this. But it's also many other things, and those other things have power too. But Trump's vision is that they don't, and we are sitting in that vision right now. But, it's not the only truth.
      We need to be powering up for election season this year, as hard as that seems. That's the job.

  7. “...Francine Cartwright, a 44-year-old mother of three from Moorestown, N.J., said the ascent of Trump has altered the way she thinks about the white people in her life....”.

    How can any of us standby and let the skewed opinions of one man change how they feel about other people? Of course, the scourge and depravity of Nazi Germany defines how this can and, sadly, does happen, but we all must strive to push against that hateful tide.

    I thought we had made progress during Dr.Kings life and after his untimely death...and I thought we could get stronger.

    Ms. Cartwright’s comment breaks my heart. I attended some of Dr. Kings talks (yep, I am an ‘older’ now) and I also participated in many of the marches in WashingtonDC. I was raised in NYC and came to appreciate the beauty of all skin dolors, the good points of all religions, and the luxuriant mix of all cultures. Skin is skin no matter what color. Religions , all religions, were built on similar principles of love and forbearance. Are cultures are valuable and can have many things to teach us all.

    I wish we could all work towards mutual respect; develop mutual awe and inspiration about the things that make us all different, but also so much the same . No country will ever be perfect. There will always be divisions, there will always be poor people and rich people, people with more intelligence or less,and, sadly, there will always be those who choose hate over love. My hope is that those of us who care can continue to bridge the divide. That together we can grow and multiply the hopes that bind us and the good that come from sharing rather than tearing.

    I apologize for my soapbox, but I truly do believe in what Dr. King espoused....and that was mostly mostly about strength and love. I may still be a bit of an idealist and possible a bit happily naive....but I also believe we always can have hope.

    ps....thanks for your wonderful posts Carolyn...both the sewing and the political....I have been a follower for some years, but seldom comment....

  8. I am a white lady and I too am nervous around Trump supporters. I too look at white people cautiously. I try to use my privilege to include people. I also pray for our nation and our President, that God would limit the harm he does. Carolyn, love your blog, your fabric collection, your use of border prints, and those beautiful grand babies that have grown so much. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm glad that you were able to reach a lot of your goals last year. After you wrote about re-arranging your room, I decided to update my space. It was a bigger job that I planned. I got on my own nerves during the re-do. Sometimes I didn't think that it was going to end. The job is finished and everything functions much better. Once you get started, you are going to want to throw everything out the window. Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end.

    Trump is a master manipulator of rhetoric. I am constantly amazed that people fall for the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Catering to fear and the have nots is what he and his supporters excel at. It is easy to convince people that their lot in life is someone else's fault. What is unbelievable is that people refuse to question his comments or believe the proof when it is in their face. While they are supporting him, he is cutting services that many of them depend on. While the GOP is afraid of offending his base, I think that they forget that they have to win the general election. Voting changes everything and we need to vote.

  10. The soul of our country yearns for MLK. He was a leader and a truth teller of the highest order. He is our better self and our path forward. That we have fallen so far off that path now is frightening and disheartening...but you are right, the answer is to VOTE. And all of us have to find more ways to connect with each other...over our humanity, or sewing, or love for our children, or planet, or gardening, or ANYTHING. Thank you for being open to the connections we form in the sewing community. Blessing to you on MLK Day and everyday!

  11. First let me say that your garments always look lovely and I think your Work of Art jacket truly is a work of art! I have followed your blog for a lot of years as we both started blogging around the same time. I so enjoy your posts about sewing as well as your political posts.

    I am a white women who supported Hillary Clinton as I could see no way to support Trump. I grew up in a small city in Virginia and I knew I wanted to leave there as soon as I could because it was and still is very "red neck". I have been fortunate to live in several places in the US where I was able to meet many people of different ethnicity. This broaden my mine and taught me more about diversity and other cultures. Because I worked with people with disabilities that also taught me more about people's abilities. When Trump made fun of a disabled reporter, I thought wow there is no way he will become president. How could anyone vote for someone with so much prejudice. I was knocked for a loop when he won.

    Thanks to Nancy Pelosi for standing for impeachment. I am afraid that the Senate trial will be a sham and I only hope that going forward that the country will garner enough votes against him. It is very important for all of us to vote.

  12. Please continue your political statements. We need to be reminded of the world beyond our sewing machines and how it impacts us as we press our foot pedals in everything from economics to immigration to the environment. As a white, Jewish woman(and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor), I fear the increase in racism and the decrease in religious and reproductive rights.
    That being said, I love seeing your creations.
    P.S. Do you use a spreadsheet to track your yardage?

    1. Life in the AARP Lane - ummmm no! LOL! I don't want to know how many yards of fabric are gracing the walls of the cave. That would just do me in!

  13. I always look forward to seeing your yearly output. You made most of your goals, which is definitely impressive! I love your shirts and I still have not met my goal of actually sewing shirts and blouses. But this is the year; I'm actually working on fitting a shirt pattern, hopefully I'll make lots of shirts.
    On to politics. I live in a state, like you, that did not go for Trump, but my Long Island town and county did go to him. It was a chilling experience going to vote where I have voted for 34 years. I will reiterate your warning. If you don't vote we will get what we have. Imagine another 4 years with 45, will our country still be here as we know it. Yes, it's an imperfect country, but a country in the mold that the Republican is a very scary proposition. So many states are purging the voter rolls. The courts have decided that it's legal. It may take longer to make sure that you are registered. If you aren't chances are you will need to have your birth certificate to register to vote. As you've said it takes time! Start now. Help get other people registered. If you think that this is to keep black and brown people from voting, you are absolutely correct. Lets not let them get away with it!

    1. Nancy - they were honestly scared by the POC turnout for Obama. The Republicans have been working steadily to disenfranchise the black, brown and Native American vote since 2016.

  14. Sewing Goals - I need to make some. I think you reached this goal completely because didn't you make a pembrooke from a piece of my deep stash? The rose border? Had been around for close to 15 years, I think.

    As for politics, I am scared daily about what it happening. Something has got to change. I am registered and I vote and I discuss politics and do what I can with my local knitting group. I try to hear when people tell me they voted for 45 and ask intelligent questions, but it's difficult. I do look at other white women differently knowing how they voted. g

  15. I'm with the woman in New Jersey> I'm 65 and remember this statistic with every interaction with white women. I'm retired and can limit my interactions as to when I feet like it. I've withdrawn from most social interactions, I just feel "safer". I don't have to wonder if smiling faces hide lies. It's sad but it's my reality.

  16. I missed this on Monday- and it was a tough short week at work. I find that I am avoiding family get togethers and un-friending people online because I can't stand the ignorant stuff they are saying/posting. Hubby and I are 5 years from retirement and we are seriously thinking of not moving anywhere. At least here we know what we are dealing with. In other areas of the country we've visited we've been appalled at the politics. We believe we would have no friends in those areas because we wouldn't want to socialize with any of them. What happened to empathy, compassion, inclusivity? I worry for the future of our country. That said, I am certainly hiding out in my sewing room a lot more and I'm really productive! But that's sad.

  17. I am a new fan of yours. I just learned of you this morning actually, listening to an older episode on the Love To Sew podcast. Your goals and completed garments are really inspiring. I'm so impressed with what you do on weekends alone! I may track my yards in/yards sewn this year, thanks to you. My new favorite term: "deep stash" LOL -perfect.
    Politically, I'm wary and weary. We have to get people to vote!


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