Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of the Month Randomness

Well its the last day of March and I have just bits and pieces of thoughts....

1. SWAP News
SWAP is the predominant sewing thing on my mind because well its official end date is tomorrow, April 1st. Thankfully Julie of Timmel Fabrics has given us to April 15th to get pictures into her so I really have one more weekend besides this one to finish up. And I am going to need every minute of it! I will take my photos next weekend and then take them to work to PhotoShop them so that I can present the best five.

Actual sewing that remains is - the red dress needs to be hemmed (I never got to it last week!), the black dress needs buttons & buttonholes and to be hemmed, the reversible dress needs to be made - going to work on that this weekend and the Dana Silhouettes top needs to be made. All of this is doable this weekend and next and I will be done with SWAP!

I have to say that I will be glad to be finished....I have so much new Spring fabric waiting for me that I really want to sew which brings me to my next topic:

2. Fabric Accumulation
Fabric Mart and Metro Textiles really did me in this month! I got 44 yards of fabric from Fabric Mart - the wonderful pieces of linen and wool blends that I detailed earlier in the month and 12 yards of hot, trendy pieces from Metro Textiles. I also got a 2 yard knit piece from Gorgeous Things Fabrics (gotta support my friends!) and 2 yards of a black/white blend boucle from because I want to knock off this jacket from Barrie Pace:

3. Garment Totals
I just haven't thought about this because this month's sewing has been dedicated to SWAP sewing. My goal is just to get finished! *LOL* And move onto other things...preferably things that don't have to match with something else or the other 10 pieces...maybe just make a t-shirt because I can or a new skirt from a piece of fabric from my amazing fabric collection!

4. Last thoughts....
-Ann (Gorgeous Things) wrote about purchasing fabric and the fabric moratorium boards on a few of the sewing sites...I have been trying to reduce my fabric intake - only because I want to make a rather large furniture purchase - but I just have not been that successful...maybe because the siren song of fabric and its possibilities is just too sweet to my ears! Plus as you lay dying do you really think your last thought is going to I bought too much fabric during my life! *LOL* So that just about sums up my position on THAT!

-Another one of those little brown envelopes have turned up from Fabric Mart, but I think I am going to escape without a major fabric purchase this month - just a couple yards of a black linen blend and only because I am too lazy to cart some home from the garment district...

-I purchased this pattern from Simplicity-4074 yesterday thanks to Patti, a good sewing friend. I have been searching for a knit wrap type dress ala DVF that would look good on my plus size body. I really don't want to look like a sausage with a string tied around my waist, like so many plus-size women that I have seen in NYC wearing this look. I think this pattern will solve my challenge. I can wear a trendy new style but still look sleek and slim! So that along with the eyelet trench will be my next projects...well after those AG doll clothes!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sewing journey!


  1. The Simplicity pattern is not available in a plus size *3804. I'm getting the plus size version because it will be less alterations. It also looks like it has mre flare at the hem which will balance out the top.


  2. OOPs, that show be is now available instead of not available.

  3. I have to get that Simplicity pattern too, I had been thinking of morphing the Sewing Workshop Teagarden T into a dress in wool double knit for fall, but this pattern will give me the look I want without all the hassle, and is actually closer to what I have in my head. In the meantime I can see several things I can do with it this spring/summer as well.

    However, I was not able to resist the call of the fabric mart samples though. I woke up at 3 AM thinking of those D*** swatches and was online placing an order.

  4. Towanda - 4074 comes in a size 22 and I usually don't need larger than that or if I do it will be minor adjustments to the waist and hips...will look at 3804 though!

  5. I have Simplicity 4074 and really like it - I was thinking of pulling it out and making up separates out of my aqua/black chain link from Ann. Not sure yet . . .

  6. WoW... 44 yards of fabric.. that is a real stash. Can't wait to see the completed red dress and the boucle jacket... I love the style of it and the dresses are going to be perfect for the season... I actually purchased a New Look wrap dress pattern and hope to tackle it soon... kind of nervous.. its a whole different level of sewing. Thanks for posting on my Oasis Halter Top. Ohh.. on my way home from work I stopped by the fabric shop and purchased interfacing... Thanks.

  7. I'm with ya, Carolyn. As much as I love sewing SWAP garments, I am ready to venture forth into new and exciting sewing territory. I have about a million ideas dancing around in my head for spring/summer and I'm dying to get to them.

    P.S. Thanks for reminding me about that Simplicity pattern - I have been meaning to pick it up for a while now. I love the lines.

  8. Well, you are almost to the finishing line.....can't wait to see it all together!

  9. I second Vicki - I can't wait to see the final SWAP Photos! I know you are going to be the best dressed in your office come the fall! g

  10. Keep going, Carolyn! You're so close to finishing and I'm just all excited about seeing the whole thing.

    Hey, I bought that Simplicity pattern too - I'm going to try the top first, then the dress. We'll have to compare notes.


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